Aguilar, Abel
Álvarez Balanta, Éder
Arias, Santiago
Bacca, Carlos
Barrios, Wílmar
Borja, Miguel
Cardona, Edwin
Castellanos, Leandro
Cuadrado, Juan
Fabra, Frank
Fernando Cuadrado, José
Hurtado, Avilés
Lerma, Jefferson
Medina, Stefan
Mina, Yerry
Moreno, Giovanni
Murillo, Óscar
Pardo, Felipe
Rodríguez, James
Sánchez, Davinson
Sánchez, Carlos
Tesillo, William
Uribe, Mateus
Zapata, Cristián
Zapata, Duván
Colombia comes into 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ seeking to re-establish themselves as South American elites after a 16-year absence from the tournament finals.  Riding a new wave of promising players deemed by many as the country’s “Golden Generation,” Los Cafeteros delighted supporters and danced their way into the quarterfinals.  Hailed as the man to carry the mantle of Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama, James Rodriguez rose to the occasion with a Golden Boot performance and a promise to hit even higher notes in the future.