Jaime Penedo
José Calderón
Felipe Baloy
Erick Davis
Luis Ovalle
Roberto Chen
Fidel Escobar
Michael Murillo
Jan Carlos Vargas
Armando Cooper
Marcos Sánchez
Ricardo Buitrago
Josiel Núñez
José González
Manuel Vargas
Leslie Heráldez
Ricardo Ávila
Blas Pérez
Gabriel Torres
Ismael Díaz
Alfredo Stephens
Panama made history in 2017 when they finished third in CONCACAF qualifying to reach the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Los Canaleros defeated Costa Rica on the final day through Roman Torres’ 88th minute winner to book their place and create a national holiday at home. Manager Hernan Dario Gomez provides an experienced approach having led Colombia and Ecuador to the event in 1998 and 2002, respectively. Players like Blas Perez, Felipe Baloy and Armando Cooper will pull on their New Balance jerseys proudly as they try to advance from Group G against Belgium, England and Tunisia.